Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Busy, busy bee

Wow time flies when things are crazy!!

What's been going on?

My new nephew was born - isn't he cute!?! We spent he first two weeks of his life with my sister and her husband helping them with things - the birth was a bit traumatic and my sister had to have a cesarean to deliver him and was really in pain and depressed. She's doing much better now though.

Second, my kids were on spring break this week and the weather was BEAUTIFUL here. Low 70's, no clouds and what happens??? My son comes down with the CHICKEN POX !!!!!! So we spent the whole beautiful week virtually stuck inside. :(

But we used it to our advantage and did a bunch of housekeeping and started some spring cleaning tasks. Plus our Blockbuster movies came and so we were able to use up some time with those. Now I'm working on getting the outside things done - our porch cleaned up and planters ready for planting.

Not including kids in karate, and volleyball - and today is the first day of track for my daughter!!! AAAHHH Luckily volleyball will be over soon and that will help a bunch.

Anyway off to the races again. :)

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