Monday, April 9, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

I'm struggling right now so most of my menu will be pretty boring. :)

Monday - Leftover Roast from Easter Sunday (probably in sandwich form)
Tuesday - Spaghetti (I got a bunch of stuff for this from my friend so this will be an ongoing meal for a while)
Wednesday - Hamburgers on the grill
Thursday - Something with the boiled eggs that we made for easter (suggestions would be great!)
Friday - Homemade pizza
Saturday - Breakfast for dinner (Bisquits and Gravy probably)
Sunday - Potato Soup


Rona's Home Page said...

Your menu sounds good to me. Have a terrific week!

annie said...

Your menu looks great!
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!

Gwendolyn said...

I love Potato soup! Sounds like a good idea, I just wish my husband liked hot liquids if any sort. Have a great week.

Jen said...

Yes, we need to find a way to get rid of all these leftover eggs. If you think of anything, let me know. :)

UKZoe said...

Hamburgers on Wednesday for us too. Eldest (15 yo) is cooking and he's doing burgers with all the trimmings, with caeser salad dressing to dip them in.